Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

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Contact CIMA Canada
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Mailing Address:
36 Toronto Street, Suite 850
Toronto, ON
Canada M5C 2C5
Tel: (905) 553 0346

CIMA Canada Board of Directors 2012/2013
Chair Michael Lam
Deputy Chair Helen Berhane
Vice Chair Martin Buckle
Immediate past Chair/ Chair Conference Committee Martin Saxton
Secretary Keren Stephen
Treasurer Anthea DeSouza
CIMA Council Representative Amal Ratnayake
Chair of Member Services & Student Services Vijay Bonnell
Chair of CPD Priyantha Aponso
Chair of Mentoring Services Noel Muttupulle
Chair of Branding and Public Relations Ranil Mendis
General Member & Regional Liaison Officer Dave Flitton
General Member Ahilesan Arumugam
General Member Inji Mekhemer
General Member Eugenia Malamud
Regional Representatives
Alberta John Couto
Micheal Beynon
British Columbia
Stewart Marshall