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CIMA Canada invites you to attend an upcoming webinar on ‘A Crash Course on Macros and Programming in MS Excel’
• Are you a regular MS Excel user but tired of doing repetitive tasks and wish the computer could do it for you?
• Have you ever thought it would be so nice if MS Excel had this-or-that function?
• Are you an expert in MS Excel (and even dabbled in macros) but programming hasn’t been “your thing”?
• Do you want to learn how to spend minutes on Excel spreadsheets that would normally take a good full day?

Topic A Crash Course on Macros and Programming in MS Excel
Date April 8, 2017
Time 11:00 AM EST
Duration One hour (a 45 to 50 minute presentation followed by 10-15 minutes Q&A)

CPD hours One. One. Certificate upon attendance and participation in Polls and Questions during session.
The presentation

Join this webinar to have a good understanding of how you can use MS Excel to increase your efficiency and productivity. The session will cover:

• an introduction into macro and programming functionality built in MS Excel
• a crash course in programming: 15 minutes
• an overview of VBA, Excel’s versatile and powerful programming platform
• a practical example: how to set up multi-parameter P&L sensitivity analysis, really quickly and easily
• tips and tricks to extend your programming knowledge

The Speaker Sergei Zhukovsky

Sergei Zhukovsky is a Ph.D. in mathematics and physics with over 12 years of research experience in computational physics. He has taught programming in various settings and has programmed in many languages from the most low-level to the most abstract. He is now a quantitative analyst at IHS Markit Inc., and is using his passion for programming for automating MS Excel related workflows.

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After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training. This Webinar is broadcast live on the above date and you will have the opportunity to ask questions using the chat window during the session.

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